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Front Burner:
- MIGRATION to my blog!
- Finish altering a wedding dress (the white kind.)
- Finish blinging and practical-izing another dress (also wedding, but the vermillion kind.)

Back Burner:
- Bronze elizabethan
- Some new shifts
- Teal viking dress?
- New 'Bethan

Evil Plots:
- 18th Century Kit

Check back, here, to see what is new.

07/26/12 - In an attempt to make this site more updatable, I added a blog! You will find all new stuff there, and eventually you will find all of the old stuff there too, only more accessable!!! This site will stay up, as is, until the migration is complelte, which could take a while...

12/02/09 - So... it's been a while. I've spent the better part of the last few months working on a film or two, and a TV show - details to follow on another date - and as such have done very little sewing for myself. This was not helped by the fact that my sewing room is in transitional turmoil, (the tile looks nice!) I have, however, gotten organized enough to add and correct a few cutting diagrams in the Dark Ages section:

NEW:Added a doodle to the Renderings section

UPDATE:Cutting Diagram, - MOVED TO IT'S RIGHTFUL PLACE - from where it had been, with the red wool gown (oops...)

UPDATE:Cutting Diagram, _ The REAL ONE - for the Red Wool Viking Gown

08/17/09 - I've been sewing like a crazy hermit for the last couple of months, and finally got around to actually documenting my progress. I have put a serious dent in the Bronze Court Gown, which is good because I want to have it done in a month, at the absolute outside. Lots of new stuff in that section, go check it out.

I've recently reorganized the dark ages section, but have only linked to pages with new content. I also added a page to the Research section:

NEW:Beedle Wing Embroidery AKA a Small Reseach Tagent...

UPDATE:Cutting Diagram, from the Red Wool Viking Gown

NEW:Blue Apron Dress

NEW:Brick and Brown Linen Dress

UPDATE:Blue Plaid Coat


NEW:Pink Linen Dress

UPDATE:Tan Apron Dress

UPDATE:Plum Wool Gown

NEW:Experimental Undies!

06/17/09 - Progress was made on the elizabethan corset, and subsequently on theBronze Court Gown.

04/07/2009 - I've started a dress diary of sorts, for my new elizabethan corset, and also added some additional pictures to Gladiator, Fashion, Dark ages Renderings, and to the Pink and Blue Germanesque Dress.

04/01/2009 - Added a few more things, to the Roller Coaster and Architecture sections. I may, or may not, get to anything else, tonight.

03/31/2009 - I've added a few more sections to the 19th century Page

03/30/2009 - LAUNCH!!!! This is just the beginning...
There are still a few "Comming Soon" pages, scattered around, but those will be replaced in the near-ish future.