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Anna Lucasta
By Philip Yordan
Directed by Jerry Cleveland
Costume Design by Mary Copenhaggen
The Bonstelle Theatre, Wayne State University

These Naval uniforms were based on an original we had in the WSU stock, a very small original, (think 34"-36" chest.) They were made of wool, with applied midi braid, complete with the "thirteen chances not to sin" drop front trousers.

Sadly, what I most remember, about this project, was trying to repair the mess that was handed to me in the first place. The first cutting was done by another costume assistant, and then passed to me for stitching. This is where the problems started: The pattern had been lifted from the original uniform, and the other assistant graded it to the sizes of the actors... sort of. All of the shirt pieces even measured the correct width, if you weren't paying attention; upon further examination, however, I found that some pieces had been graded from the center, and some from the side; therefore none of the curves on the shaped yokes fit, WooHoo. I was never quite able to figure out what happened to the pants, other than bad arithmetic, they were just huge. We had to give the smaller pair to the bigger guy, then take them in about 8 or 10 inches, and cut another pair for the small guy. In total, I think that about 50% of the pattern pieces had to be re-cut. Salvaging these two costumes occupied 80-90% of my work hours on this build.

I offer my official Thanks the Costume Gods that they were made of wool: it can be steamed, and then beaten into submission.