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The Midnight
Written by Horton Foote
Directed by Honey English
The Studio Theatre, Wayne State University

Design concept: Naturalistic, 1957 Harrison, Texas. Emotional color scheme.

Amazingly, I was able to pull almost this entire show from stock. I think I only actually made about four pieces. The rest was choosing the right vintage pieces, and replacing the side and short center-back zippers with long CB zippers, to make the quick changes go better.

The pieces I did make were Miss Rowena's dressing gown, Helen's red circle skirt, Harvey's shirt, and Helen's "crisis" dress (as opposed to her "going to Houston" dress.)

Helen comes into the boarding house followed by a fallen woman’s reputation. She doesn’t see herself that way though, she has the clarity of someone who chose to survive, not to burn herself out, saving someone who wouldn’t save himself.

Ralph is a decent guy who, like Helen, made the decision to walk away after what some would consider the point of no return; divorce.

Cutie is just that, rather adorable, but so sweet and shy that she may have never been on a date. I really wonder about that.

Alma jean thinks quite a lot of herself, and very little of everyone else. She is bitter, easily hurt, and wields grudges like weapons.

Miss Rowena is a schoolteacher, and an extremely generous and forgiving soul. She is something of the grand matron of the boarding house.

Mrs. Crawford is sensible and earthy. I tried to keep her in warm colors, and was thinking of Texas dirt.

Harvey strikes me as someone who never really got a grasp on that whole growing up thing, he still dresses like a teenager, though he’s nearly thirty; maybe because his mother still controls him so much, he can’t see himself as anything other than a boy.

My renderings for this show were displayed in the lobby, for the run of the show; then when I tried to get them back, at the end of strike, they were nowhere to be found. I haven't seen them since. *pouts*