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Antigone in
New York

Written by Janusz Glowacki
Directed by D. Christy Houston
The Studio Theatre, Wayne State University

This show holds the distinction of being my first actual, full show, costume design... with a script...that I actually got to read... Beyond that, I really loved this show. It was one of those rare productions where all the elements really came together in near-perfection.
Practically, this show was difficult in that it was set in bitter cold winter, but was performed in The Studio in late April, and sweaty actors are less convincingly cold than not sweaty ones. Also, given that 4 out of 5 characters are homeless, it could be very tempting to grab the contents of the distressed clothing stock, throw handfuls at each actor, and be done with it; I really wanted to walk the line between keeping everyone in “found items” and preserving individual characters.