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Scenic Designs
These were class assignments, but I think that they would have been cool on a real stage.

The first two renderings, with all of the trees, were from Cinderella. We were told that the show would be a Ballet, based on a version of our choosing. I went for the one in Grimm's Grimmest, which aside from being grim, is also very tree centered. A tree grows from her mother's grave, and the birds living there provide her with, not one, but three dresses to wear to the multi-night ball. This tree is where she hides, each night, from the prince, after her gown's have become rags again; and those nice little birdies clue in the prince that neither of the step sisters are the girl he danced with at the ball.
This design is set on the Bonstelle stage, which has a 39'10"x28' proscenium. The tree trunks, on stage left and right, wrap the proscenium, and small stage extensions allow the hollows withing the trees to be used as a hearth, and a bedroom.
The silver and gold trees are moved in, only for the Palace scenes.

This is a stage for Rhinoceros by Ionesco. Can you see the rhino? The multi-level platform looks like a colored cement zoo landscape, complete with plexi-fronted pool.